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Shark Skype

Today Year 6 linked through Skype to an organisation called shark angels.  This is a group that is helping to educate people on the importance of helping to protect sharks.  Jamie, from Shark Angels spoke to the children about some of the adaptations of sharks as well talking about their importance to the ecosystem and food chains of the oceans.

Children were given an opportunity to share some of their knowledge of sharks and find out a little more about the different varieties sharks and their eating habits.  The children also learnt about how humans are destroying the shark populations and the reasons for this.

Code Club and the Raspberry Pi


 Code Club get out the Raspberry Pi and light up the bread board.

Scratch Day - Bitterne Manor Primary and Townhill Junior


Scratch Day at Bitterne Manor Primary

Children from the Code Club of Townhill Junior School supported a very succesful Scratch day at Bitterne Manor Primary and helped children begin their coding journey.

Even on their day off school Children from Townhill Junior School were willing to inspire and support children from Bitterne Manor Primary to code.
Code Club - Makey Makey
Today Code Club were helped to set up and connect a Makey Makey to the white Board and look at the fun they had...
Year 5 Science at Gregg's School


Year 5 go to Gregg's School for Science Activities

A group of Year 5 children went to the Gregg's School for an afternoon of Science.  When we arrived we were given our Science lab coats and from then on the imagination and wonder abounded.  Children were curious and enthusiastic to ask questions and listen to each other's reasoning and thinking. 

They worked co-operatively to investigate a variety of ideas and were frequently ‚Äčamazed with their findings.  A fabulous afternoon which allowed them to question and apply their scientific understanding.  Don't take my word for it look at the pictures below and read their comments.

And for the finale...